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FAIR Collateral for other security organization meetings?

UPFRONT ASK : Has any work been done to put together an "OUT OF THE BOX" bundle of FAIR collateral that could be shared with other security organizations?


I live and work in Portland ME

I am a member of
(ISC)2 Maine Chapter (10 meetings year) [ Founding member - Treasurer Ex officio ]
ISACA New England Chapter-Maine Event (1 meeting year)
IAPP Northern New England KnowledgeNet (2-4 meetings year)
FBI InfraGard Maine Chapter (4 meetings year).

I just attended FAIRCON19 and on a whim snagged a FAIR Poster, a stack of [FAIR on a Page] handouts and some TOG OPENFair handouts.

I will be setting up a POP-UP table at tomorrow's [Friday Sept 27] ISACA New England Chapter Maine Event to spread the FAIR message.

I am kind of winging it and thought it would be useful if there was some kind of "OUT OF THE BOX" bundle that we could ship to any member who wants to share with another security meeting

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