2019-04 (Apr) FAIR NYC Chapter Meeting (Open Mic)

The NYC Chapter of the FAIR Institute had its latest meeting on April 24th, 2019, generously hosted by ADP at their NYC offices. We had a small group and half of the group were first time attendees. As with all local FAIR chapters, the NYC meetings are an opportunity to hear great speakers, get tips on how to integrate quantitative risk into your risk program and meet new people – from newcomers to FAIR, to those with broad experience. Our April meeting agenda included the following:

3:30PM - FAIR Overview for those arriving early (2 people took advantage of this overview by Steve Reznik)
4:00PM - Welcome / Introductions / Announcements
4:30PM - Case Study Development Guidance and Presentation Templates, Steve Reznik, ADP
4:45PM - Open Mike - Informal Case Studies and Open Discussion
5:15PM - Networking Time

There was lively discussion about how to value FAIR, how to deal with implementation challenges, analytics, and an enthusiastic group of folks hung out after the meeting concluded to continue their discussion.

The day was overcast in the city and a great day to be inside with a view of the cityscape and lady liberty, soaking up lots of great info.

Guest speakers are lined up for the June and Septembers meetings of the NYC Chapter, including Jack Jones in Sept.

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