2018-09 (Sep) FAIR NYC Chapter Meeting (Mike Radigan, Marta Palanques, Steve Reznik)

There is a concept called "the FAIR state of mind" that those who have adopted the FAIR ontology will reference. I call it "owning FAIR", its when you don't have to think about the model or reference a guide, you can visualize it, have exercised your mind to apply it to complex analysis and it comes naturally to you. It can be a framework for critical thinking, but you may have to relearn how to think. FAIR was not an academic exercise as I have heard some "competitors" say, it was an effort by a practitioner, Jack Jones, to find a credible way to solve a hard problem in a practical, usable fashion. My ice-breaker question to the group on Weds will be "Is FAIR an invention or a discovery?" Give it some thought ...


  • Thanks Mike! On behalf of the Greater NYC Area Chapter, we are very much anticipating your presentation and valuable insights!

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    On September 26, 2018, the Greater NYC Chapter of the FAIR Institute held a meeting at the ADP One Penn Plaza office.

    Here is the agenda we followed and a few pictures:

    3:30PM - FAIR Overview
    4:00PM – Welcome/ Introductions/ Announcements
    4:30PM – Case Study: Cyber Risk and Mechanical Operational Risk Quantification, Michael Radigan, Leidos Cyber, Inc. (PDF attached)
    5:00PM – Key Risk Indicators: A Quantitative Approach, Steve Reznik, Marta Palanques, ADP (YouTube link below)
    5:30PM – Networking Time

    Michael Radigan presenting to the NYC Chapter

    Marta and Steve conducted a dry run of their FAIRCON18 presentation and solicited feedback from the membership. Above is the YouTube link from FAIRCON18 and then below is a blog post about it by Jeff Copeland:


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