2018-05 (May) FAIR NYC Chapter Meeting (Steven Jester, Marta Palanques, Joanne De Vito De Palma)

In an industrial setting, the difference between a good day and a bad day may not be easily measured in financial terms. At the May NY chapter meeting I had the opportunity to present on this topic. I took the opportunity to update a few of the slides to reflect the discussion that followed the presentation. Some of the folks there suggested that I post it here.

Hope you enjoy


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    Steve, Thank you for an interesting application of FAIR!

    Joanne, Thanks for your walk through of the new FAIR Link site!

    Here is the agenda we followed on May 16, 2018, at the ADP One Penn Plaza office along with a couple of pictures:

    4:00PM – Welcome/ Introductions/ Announcements
    4:30PM – Case Study: Quantitative Risk Analysis in Industrial Control Systems, Steven Jester, Primus Solutions Inc. @ Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PDF attached in Steven Jester's post)
    5:00PM – 2018 RSA Conference Summary w.r.t. Quantitative Risk Analysis, Marta Palanques, ADP
    5:15PM – FAIR Link Overview, Joanne De Vito De Palma (PDF attached)
    5:30PM – Networking Time

    Steven Jester presenting to the NYC Chapter

    Joanne De Vito De Palma presenting to the NYC Chapter

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