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What's Not Working: Managing cascading LM

May Chapter Mtg. Discussion Topic:

**How do you capture (and know when to narrow the scope) for potentially cascading LM in an analysis? **For example, if your firm wants to know the financial impact of WannaCry and the probability of another WannaCry-like event, how do you narrow the scope (esp. if your firm still has residual response costs associated with the event many months later).

If I am not capturing the essence of your question, please clarify in the discussion thread below.


  • @lamaddox I am going to pose a question to yours. Are you considering LEF in this also? As you can always say with LM that it is important based on impact of the information of course around Costs, Judgments, Damage, etc...

  • @JoshFoote I believe LEF for the model would be straight forward--for instance, there were 2 wannacry like attacks in the span of a year that affected many organizationsl; the question @lamaddox is posing, I believe, is more directed towards the secondary costs on the LM side that can seemingly be accounted for in perpetuity and how to then scope and then quantify those costs.

  • @JoshFoote This is actually not my question. I was posting all the questions which were teed up during the recent NC FAIR chapter meeting so that the discussions could continue. Will wait for whomever introduced this question for further inquiry.

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