May Meeting Follow-up: Continuing the Conversation

Many thanks to everyone who carved out time to attend the May 31st NC FAIR Chapter meeting in RTP. Special thanks to David and Jack as they unpacked insights around how FAIR is influencing and driving thought leadership on Capitol Hill.

We had began to unpack some topics of interest during our "What's Not Working" discussion forum. As promised, lets continue those conversations. You will find the specific discussion topics listed. No need to reinvent the wheel for some of these things: lets learn from each other.


  • @lamaddox Has the 3Q meeting been scheduled?

  • Sept. 6th in Charlotte, 1-3pm

  • edited August 2018

    Thank you, @dsheronas. How should I have known that? I have not received an email invitation or anything like that. I want to make sure I don't miss future meetings or find out too late to accommodate (especially those in Charlotte).

    edit: I may have answered my own question. On the main NC Chapter page at the bottom there is a place to RSVP.

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