Data Source Matrix

Last month in talking after the kick off meeting, Jack W. of BoA mentioned an idea he's either been implementing or considering. I've translated it into what what I'm calling a Data Source Matrix and would like this to be a part of any of our risk quantification readouts for stakeholders. The goal is to help stakeholders understand, at a high level, the data sources for any analysis and to encourage iteration as those stakeholders want to pursue greater precision in any given analysis. Precision is derived from moving the dots to the left (closer to empirical data) over time. This is my first draft. What are your thoughts about the data maturity "classifications" I have listed above? What's missing? What's out of order? What are you using? How can you see this being of value to your stakeholders?
Welcome your feedback and critique to increase this utility.


  • Think you are missing scenario analysis (leveraging FAIR or some such methodology)

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